Medical & Healthcare Consulting

Compliance Audit Consultants works through its subsidiary Healthcare Business Integration LLC to provide its Medical & Healthcare services.

Through the innovative concept of Healthcare Business Integration, we can meet the needs of any small to mid size medical or mental health organization.

What is Healthcare Business Integration?

INTEGRATING all the ESSENTIAL Services a Physician/Medical Practice needs to run a successful BUSINESS, not just a successful PRACTICE.

We are a Single Source for these essential functions:


PRACTICE MANAGEMENT - We evaluate, recommend and implement the best solution that meets your specific needs. We cut through the “sales pitch” of software vendors who try to sell you a software without first analyzing the specific needs of your practice!

We make sure that your practice is managed to be EHR/EMR Compliant so that you can receive the $40,000+ in Federal incentives for EHR/EMR Compliance.

We partner with leading EHR Compliant software providers to bring you the most technologically advanced Meaningful Use Certified platform that meets the unique needs of your practice. Over 30,000 physicians/medical practices are already using one of the solutions we recommend & partner with.

BILLIING & COLLECTIONSWe ensure your claims are correct on first submission. Many practices lose hundreds of thousands of dollars by submitting incorrect claims. Then we manage the payment process to make sure the insurance companies pay you correctly and timely. We aggressively resolve unpaid or disputed claims.

We have helped practices increase their collections by up to 50% in some cases. That means Thousands of “extra” dollars that will improve your bottom line!

ACCOUNTING & TAX: Our staff of Certified Public Accountants and Tax Advisers have worked with physicians & medical practices for 25+ years. You can only manage operational cost and effectively plan for taxes if you have a reliable accounting system that captures all your costs.

That is what our partners at Compliance Accounting & Auditing do for you: track & report all business costs accurately & timely.

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: The best systems in the world with the wrong people equals business failure. Finding and keeping health care professionals is essential to your business success. We work with our corporate partner, ADP, the leading HR Management firm in the country to help you offer benefit packages, retirement planning that will help keep your staff. We also offer employment evaluation strategies so that you can identify those staff that need to be retrained or let go!

LEGAL RESOURCES:  In today’s litigious environment you take a huge risk without expert legal counsel. Many small to medium sized practices cannot afford the huge retainers of reputable law firms. Healthcare Business Integration has partnered with LegalShield  the nations oldest and largest Legal Services firm so that our clients can have immediate access to national and reputable law firms at no cost.


  1. admin says:

    Single Source Business relationships is a new trend in small business management and physicians/medical practices are quickly adopting this trend.

  2. Dr. Wayne P. says:

    Very objective firm, they don’t “peddle” software they provide solutions!

  3. Dr. Ron S says:

    I highly recommended your company to my fellow practitioners and they were not disappointed by the professionalism of your team. Plus they appreciate collecting more of their claims! more $$ in their pockets

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