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Reputable business reporting agency, Moody’s Investor Services, recently downgraded the entire higher education sector to negative. Small institutions are facing the brunt of declining enrollments and increasing student loan default.  Our firm has assembled a team of trusted authorities on strategic financial planning and management that can be extremely beneficial to  small colleges.



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With a team of finance and business nonprofit experts and analysts, Compliance Audit Consultants partners with private colleges  & universities in their quest for profitability & sustainability.

Even historically well endowed universities, like Yale need to re-evaluate their business model to survive the economic challenges facing the higher education sector. At Compliance Audit Consultants we provide the analysis, consulting & implementation to help higher education institutions re-create their business model.



Objective: To provide sustainability and profitability consulting to private colleges and universities.

Our Strategic Rationale

The entire sector of private colleges is in financial decline. A recent report at UnSpinAmerica, breaks down how and why private higher education has found itself in this rut. Read more of article here

Our services will analyze and facilitate implementation of strategies that include policy and procedural changes, development of new revenue/profit centers, cost efficiency strategies and revenue increasing strategies for existing revenue centers.

These services will increase the institution’s viability, sustainability and profitability in this period of downward economic pressure in the entire sector, thus setting the school apart from it’s competition who do not engage our services.

Service Delivery

We employ various analytic, strategic planning and process development tools and resources to put the college or university on a path of sustainable profit growth. Some of these tools include:

Organizational Assessments: To determine resources, organizational capacities and staff skill sets available within the college/university and quantify the resource, capacity or skill set gaps to be filled in order to shift to a more “for profit” business model.

Customization of financial and business metrics that provide comparative analysis across the industry sector (i.e. private colleges & universities/higher education)

Business Process Improvement: Direct and Indirect Cost reduction, increase operational efficiency.

Business Model Transformation- identifying optimum business model to maximize profitability and facilitating transforming the college’s business operation model.

Profit Center Analysis & Acquisitions: we actively pursue new revenue/profit centers that fit with the college’s overall mission and vision as a means of broadening the schools financial base and long term profit sustainability.

Financial Audits including review of internal control, accounting policies & procedures and compliance with regulations and standards that govern private colleges & universities.

Debt Restructuring to reduce debt service burden thus providing capital for reinvestment and growth. Ancillary benefits of improved ratings with bond holders/ creditors will be derived from this service.