OCAI: Organizational Culture vs Profitability

The Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) was developed by Cameron & Quinn in 2006 as a psychometric tool to study organizational cultures (Suderman, 2012) using four conceptual quadrants: (a) adhocracy; (b) clan; (c) hierarchy; or (d) market.  

The OCAI operationalizes the Competing Values Framework (CVF) theory, which forms the basis for the theoretical framework of this proposed study.  It was also selected because of its wide use among the researchers of OC (Fralinger & Olson, 2007), and high credibility within the organizational culture scholarly and practice communities (Berrio, 2003; Suderman, 2012; Yu & Wu, 2009). 

Furthermore, the OCAI instrument has been extensively used to assess OC, and it was developed by Cameron and Quinn (Cameron & Quinn, 2011), the leading scholars in the Organizational Culture  field, who are also the authors of the CVF theory.  The OCAI can be self-administered and it is web-based.  

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