What is “Organize4Profit“?

Organize4Profit is a Strategic Solution developed by Compliance Audit Consultants Inc in collaboration with Healthcare Business Integrations Inc to ultimately do 1 thing: that is Improve Your Organization’s Profitability even in tough economic times and even if you are a Non-Profit Organization!!

So what does Organize4Profit do for me? 

That’s a great question. Organize4Profit focuses on key factors that unmistakably indicate whether you are heading for a Profit or a Loss. Organize4Profit customizes Strategic Solution so that you can Maximize these Profit Indicators and ultimately enhance your bottom line!

Here are just some of the areas on which an Organize4Profit Team will focus on for your organization:

  1. Is your organization departmentalized in a Profit Making structure?
  2. Do you have an effective Organizational Structure & chain of command?
  3. Is your Claim Collection Rate over 95%? If not we can help!!
  4. Do you know where your Profit Centers are in your business/organization?
  5. Do you track & record Costs Incurred instead of just Money Spent?
  6. Are you EHR/EMR Compliant?
  7. Are your staff appropriately trained to efficiently perform their roles & functions?
  8. Do you have a Strategic Growth Plan and is it updated at least annually?
  9. What is your Technology Plan? This is more than software or hardware!

These are just 10 of the key Profit Indicators we will review for your organization.

But that’s not all! We will also:

  1. Identify Weakness and Threats to your Profitability.
  2. Then we will provide Customized Strategic Solutions.
  3. And we will assist with Implementation of the Solutions
  4. We periodically Evaluate & Update the Solutions as your business changes/grows.

The Bottom Line is we help your Bottom Line

We help you Organize4Profit! 

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  1. Wayne says:

    Sign me up for free consultation!

  2. Doris J says:

    We need help with Technology Plan

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