Network Services






Network Partners: companies that provide the key services to our Network Members.


Our Network Partners are:

The You Got Next Foundation Inc.

This organization conducts Life Skill Coaching, Mentoring programs. Through these programs You Got Next identifies a large number of individuals who need counseling or mental health services. These individuals are referred to you as a Network Member.

Compliance Audit Consultants Inc.

Over 30+ years providing compliance, audit, accounting and tax services for various types of businesses but with a emphasis on mental health providers.

PSE Consulting Services

PSE is a CARF accredited mental health provider that focuses on consulting and training other providers in areas of assessments, service plan development, workflow management and Essential Learning curricula.

As a Network Member you receive top notch services from our highly rated Partners. wEB ASSETS- 1 source4The Mental Health Provider Network is 1 Source for essential business services every mental health provider / clinician needs:


The You Got Next Foundation Inc  provides:

ü  Client Acquisition:            Increase revenue by increasing your number of clients

ü  Client Retention:               Increase revenue: retain clients & minimize client loss.


Compliance Audit Consultants Inc provides the following

ü  Compliance Plan

  •  Stay compliant with Medicaid, APS, CMOs and all applicable regulations.
  • Perform Internal Compliance Audits of your consumer files, records and processes to help you identify and fix any deficiencies BEFORE you get a real APS or Medicaid audit.

ü  Financial Management

  • Accounting Services to ensure that all your income and expenditures is recorded in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Reporting Services that give Management financial and operational information about every aspect of their business.
  • Provide Tax Planning services to help legally minimize your taxes and keep you in compliance with IRS rules and regulations.

ü  Credentialing Services

  • Compile your application for Medicaid approval
  • Work directly with CMOs & insurance companies to get your agency and your professionals credentialed e.g. Cenpatico, Amerigroup, AETNA, TRICARE, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc.)


ü  Accreditation

  • Assist in selecting an accreditation agency that matches your operations and your budget.
  • Prepare your organization to successfully pass accreditation.

 ü  Billing & Claim Resolution

  • Pre-Billing review to ensure accuracy of CPT/HCPS Codes, Modifiers, Insurance info, etc. Accurate claims mean faster cash flow.
  • Work directly with insurance companies to resolve denials to get them to pay those denials!

PSE Counseling Consulting Services LLC provides the following services:

ü  Quality Assurance & Review to make sure the following documents meet industry standards:

  • Assessments (CAFAS, LOCUS) meet SNAP criteria
  • Treatment Plans meet SMART criteria
  • Progress Notes meet APS audit criteria

ü  Workflow Management

  • Provide & Monitor Service Schedule Plan to ensure that Client receives all required services (Assessment, Treatment Plan, Interventions, etc.) in a timely manner.
  • Investigate and resolve Workflow issues which may negatively impact Client Service.


ü  Staff Training for Clinical Staff to meet Essential Learning requirements.


ü  Provide Collateral Services to determine effectiveness of staff services:

  • Telephone Polling of clients
  • Conducting written surveys with clients and staff
  • Collateral services also generate additional revenue to you.


Network Structure
  1. Each practice or clinician maintains separate identity
  2. Shared Services: See above. Network Practice can select one or all of the shared services.
  3. Annual Membership Fee



Service Flow

How does the Network work for our Members? We have a simple 4-Step Process:

  1. Referral
  2. Client Service
  3. WorkFlow Management
  4. Billing, Collections & Accounting

These steps are provided as follows:

  1. Referral
  2. Client Service
  3. Workflow Management
  4. Billing, Collections & Accounting

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