Compliance & Audit Services

Audit coming up soon?

If your agency is facing an APS or Medicaid audit this site will provide you with resources, information and professionals who can help you prepare for a successful audit.

Of if you already had your audit and your score results were not good; don’t worry!

On this site you will find resources, tools and professionals to help you prepare your Corrective Action Plan so that your next audit can be a success.

Are you preparing for accreditation?

It can be an intimidating process putting together Organizational Policies and Procedures or Program Policies & Procedures.

As a member of OOPS you will hear from other members who have successfully completed accreditation as they share some best practices that helped them tackle this daunting task.

Then of course we will provide tools and access to professionals who can assist you get your accreditation.

But what if you successfully completed your Audit & your Accreditation?

You are a step ahead but you will find tools and strategies here that will help you maintain an Organization that adapts as your business grows, maintain efficient Operations and generate Profits that are Sustainable even in a tight economy.



This FREE EBook is a must read if you want to run a business that is Compliant, Efficient,  Profitable & Sustainable.

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