SIGMA-7 Strategies


After 30+ years of advising small business owners on how to successfully start and operate successful businesses I have observed and studied the trends and strategies that lead to profitable business. In those 30 years I have also observed and studied the practices, attitudes and strategies that invariably lead to business failure and bankruptcy.

I have not only advised and consulted with small businesses but I have started and operated several small businesses over the last 30 years. Some have been successful and yes some have failed. It is my personal experience of failing which has been my most effective teacher. I would say I have learned well from each failing experience and can truly say that experience has been my best teacher. Even better than the graduate and doctoral degrees I have earned in business management, organizational and operational efficiency my experiences in business that have failed have been my most effective teacher.

Now you are free to learn from your own failure experiences or you can learn from mine. It’s up to you. If you chose to learn from my experiences rather than risk falling into the same pitfalls I fell into then you have chosen wisely and have just implemented one of the SIGMA-7 Strategies: making cost effective and cost driven business decisions. Learning from someone else’s experience is by far more cost effective than learning from your own failure experiences.

So what are the SIGMA-7 Strategies which I have developed from my 30 years of consulting small businesses? What have I learned from 30+ years of starting and operating my own businesses, some successful and some not? OK, let me give you a brief outline but to get the details you will have to attend our SIGMA-7 Strategies Seminar or schedule your own personal FREE consultation.

The SIGMA-7 Strategies


Sustainability:  You don’t want to be a one hit wonder


Income: Define income, it’s not just monetary. Focus on income


Growth: If your income is not growing then your business is dying. Learn 3 principles of income growth.


Managing with limited resources, the true test of business management


Application: Its not in knowing or having a great income strategy but it is in how effectively you apply your strategies to your own unique situation.


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